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CSU-Pueblo may lose English grad program

The English grad program has been losing resources since the 2013 financial shake-up. | File photo The book may be closing on CSU-Pueblo's English graduate program, though it depends on how its next chapter is written. The head of the English department, Professor Cindy Taylor, said the department is no longer accepting new students into its master’s program. “It's kind of been on hiatus,” she said, explaining that since the university's financial shake-up that began in 2013, and the resulting loss of two lines of faculty, the department felt that...

Support program for grad students ends

The RAGE program officially ends Sept. 1. | File photo The Regional Access to Graduate Education program at CSU-Pueblo is coming to an end after five years. Originated in 2010, the program offered opportunities for students in CSU- Pueblo’s graduate programs, especially Hispanic and low income students. Grant funding for RAGE will expire Sept. 1, the end of the fiscal year. RAGE was a little known program intended to boost the university’s master’s level attendance and completion rates. The program offered a variety of assistance targeted at CSU-Pueblo’s graduate students....