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Newly elected ASG members take office

Former ASG president and vice president,Timothy Zercher and Mario Ruiz join newly elected executives Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson at their induction.Photo from CSU-Pueblo ASG Facebook. The Associated Students’ Government elections last week saw a 100 percent victory for Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson’s Legendary Party, and the newly elected ASG members were inducted Tuesday night at the 6 p.m. meeting, which was held in the ASG chambers on the third floor of the Occhiato University Center. The meeting was called to order by Speaker Anthony Schievelbein, and he requested...

Zarr and Wilson win ASG election

Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson | Photo courtesy of Sarah Zarr Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson of campus political party Legendary won the presidential and vice presidential positions during the 2015 Associated Students’ Government election at CSU-Pueblo. “I am honored and overwhelmed by the support of CSU-Pueblo choosing me and my party as their next ASG,” said Zarr, a junior mass communications major at CSU-Pueblo. “I am excited to get to serve the student body and be an advocate for the students of CSU-Pueblo,” she said. All but one member...

Zarr and Wilson look for votes in upcoming ASG election

Sarah Zarr | Photo by Daniel Potter Candidates for Associate Students’ Government positions have been campaigning for student elections, which will be held April 6 and 7. One running party is Legendary, which consists of CSU-Pueblo presidential candidate Sarah Zarr and vice presidential candidate Gene Wilson, among various senator candidates. Zarr, a mass communications major, is in the president’s leadership program, where she actively participates in volunteer work for both the college and community. She also serves as the president for CSU-Pueblo Students For Life and as a college of...