Hemp panel focuses on shattering hemp, marijuana stigma

Kelly Gehlhoff, founder and CEO of Perpetual Harvest LLC, a wellness advocacy and sustainability consulting company, and Iginia Boccalandro, hemp farmer, discuss the benefits of and facts about hemp. | Photo by Ashleigh Hollowell From lighting up and getting high to learning about earth’s resources and getting healthy, an April 20 campus hemp panel featuring experts and researchers aimed to educate students about the beneficial parts of the cannabis plant, as opposed to the drug properties of the plant. April 20, “Weed Day,” is a holiday unmarked on calendars, but...

More states look at legal marijuana

Police say legal marijuana allows them to focus on more serious crime Kara Mason Interactive graphic October 7, 2014 4:17 pm Click on photo to enlarge or download: Graphic by Sean McMinn Three jurisdictions, Washington, D.C., Oregon and Alaska, are following Colorado and Washington’s path to legalizing marijuana. It’s on the November ballot in all three jurisdictions. But the effects of doing so are still largely unknown, including the states’ main reason for legalization – freeing law enforcement officials to focus on other crimes. There is only one report that...