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Residential life official addresses new policies

Photo courtesy of Dean of Students and Residential Life Marie Humphrey addressed a controversial new policy in the 2014-2015 resident handbook for CSU-Pueblo. The policy says that “only guests of the same sex are allowed to stay overnight in a resident’s room” under the visitors and cohabitation section in the handbook. It has been speculated that the new visitors and cohabitation policy had already been implemented in previous years. However, past resident handbooks do not state that only guests of the same sex are only allowed to stay overnight...

National policies influence campus residential policies

The roommate bill of rights allows students to have "an environment conducive for studying and learning.” Dean of Students and Residential Life Marie Humphrey said that there are certain guidelines and best practices nationally that are used to institute new residential policies. New to CSU-Pueblo, Humphrey began her duty as dean of students and residential life on Jan. 20. Prior to that, she served as the director of residence life and housing and event services at Regis University since 2003. She also has a doctorate in educational leadership and human...

Resident assistants react to new policies

Resident assistants respond to new policies, which will affect all resident halls on campus. Photo courtesy of Current and former resident assistants at Colorado State University-Pueblo addressed new policies that were instated this school year for the residence halls. According to the 2014-2015 Residence Life and Housing Handbook for Policies and Procedures, an RA is one of the most important resources university residents have. RAs are CSU-Pueblo students who are hired by the university and are assigned to live on a floor community within the residence halls. A section...