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Black Student Union holds auditions for upcoming poetry slam

Photo courtesy of Grant | Flickr Auditions for this semester’s poetry slam, put on by The Black Student Union, were held Feb. 9 to select 12 poets to compete in the upcoming event. The auditions were held in order to decide which poets are going to get the chance to compete with one another for first, second and third prize. The winner of this year’s poetry slam completion gets a $30 Visa gift card, and according to The Black Student Union, it’s going to be a tough competition. The overall...

Black Student Union hosts poetry slam

The Black Student Union held a poetry slam Sept. 24. | Image courtesy of CSU-Pueblo’s Black Student Union hosted a “Poetry Slam” Sept. 24 in the underground area of the Occhiato University Center. At the event, participants read poems, raps, original work and did acapella. Sixty-seven people attended and 14 people participated. Some performers went on twice. High chairs, high tables, candles, dim lighting added to the environment and mellow jazz played in the background to create a comfortable atmosphere where people expressed themselves. Lemonade and cookies were served....

Black Student Union to host poetry slam

The Black Student Union will host a poetry slam Sept. 24. | Image courtesy of CSU-Pueblo’s Black Student Union will be hosting a Poetry Slam Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Occhiato University Center Underground. The event is free to everyone. “We will never charge for BSU events. We want students to connect with each other so they can make new friends at the events we host,” said BSU President Jehu Saintjour. This event was originally scheduled for Sept. 17 but due to other events going on in...