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Students engage in Native American culture through painting event

Students created Kokopelli paintings at an event Nov. 6. Photo courtesy of Ben Hultman. With the help of the office of Student Engagement and Leadership and the Diversity Resource Center, staff taught students about the legend of the Kokopelli: a fertility god, prankster, healer and storyteller. Students had the opportunity to learn about the Kokopelli and socialize at a painting event Nov. 6. “I am expecting that students would learn more about Native American Culture and engage in traditions as well as enjoying this event,” Michael Sun, a part of...

Students create duct tape art at event

Students create duct tape art at the SEAL office's second DIY event of the semester. | Photo by Keelan Bailey The Student Engagement and Leadership office held a DIY Duct Tape Art event Sept. 9 as part of a series of upcoming fall events. The event was held in front of the Library and Academic Resources Center with various tables filled with different types of duct tape. The event was free to students as long as they had their student ID or their Personal Identification number. Students were able to...