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ASG creates CSU-Pueblo Student Emergency Fund

Image courtesy of Earlier this year, the Colorado State University-Pueblo Associated Students' Government created a Student Emergency Fund to support students in crisis under the leadership of former ASG president and vice president, Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson. According to Zarr, the fund came about after a successful "piggy bank" drive between campuses. Something the ASG hopes to do several more times this year. Legacy Bank donated piggy banks to various departments that participated in the challenge to fill them up. Leftover funds from the 2015/16 ASG account were...

Associated Students’ Government reestablishes student emergency fund

Photo by Daniel Potter The Associated Students’ Government at CSU-Pueblo plans to re-launch the Student Emergency Fund at the Student Leadership and Involvement Awards Banquet April 14. The program is meant to help students financially through tough times such as emergency situations, catastrophic events or any unexpected expenses that would put their education in jeopardy. The fund will begin accepting donations in April but funds will not be able to disperse until an established amount has been raised by the fall 2015 semester. Students and faculty, as well as the...