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Readership program reduced to two locations

Empty news stands signal changes in the readership program.Photo by Jessica Warren As many of the newspaper stands across the Colorado State University-Pueblo campus are removed or sit empty, students, faculty and staff have been left with questions regarding the readership program that has been part of the university for the past few years. In the past, members of the CSU-Pueblo community had been able to access free daily copies of newspapers like the Pueblo Chieftain, Denver Post, USA TODAY and The New York Times at a number of locations...

Student fees: Where does the money go?

A full-time undergraduate, enrolled in 12 credit hours at CSU-Pueblo, pays approximately $800 in student fees each semester. These mandatory fees are in addition to course-specific fees, which can bring the total amount due in fees each semester to more than $1000. Student fees fund a number of organizations, projects and improvements on campus, but many students don’t know what organizations or projects their money is supporting. Associate Students’ Government President Timothy Zercher and Anthony Schivelbein, speaker pro-tempore of the ASG Senate, are both members of the Student Fee Governing...