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Madden simulation predicts Super Bowl outcome

Image from Wikipedia Every year, the developers at EA Sports simulate a Madden football game featuring the two teams in the Super Bowl. This year, the simulation was done on Pro difficulty on the Xbox One version of the game with the Patriots’ and Seahawks’ updated rosters. The video game simulation not only correctly predicted the Super Bowl champion, but it was eerily accurate down to the last detail. “It’s strange, but games are so real now that it doesn’t surprise me. The artificial intelligence that games have now is...

Super Bowl interest on campus not affected by scandal

Over the last five years, the Super Bowl has set and broken the record for the most-watched television broadcast in United States history four times according to ESPN’s online site. Last year’s blowout between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos brought in 111.5 million viewers. However, with the same few teams dominating the NFL year after year, it’s understandable why fans might not be interested in a Super Bowl featuring NFL dynasties like the Patriots, the Seahawks, the Packers or the Steelers. “It does get kind of boring watching...