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Athletic expansion may be a key to success for the university


sportsdefaultThe CSU-Pueblo Foundation’s On the Move campaign is an ongoing effort to not only upgrade the university to a more technologically advanced facility, but also to climb the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference standings by creating upscale athletic facilities and offering more financial support for incoming athletes.

With any sort of upgrade, money is the biggest issue. The goal is to reach a grand total of $25 million. The On the Move campaign encourages school alumni, fans and community members to donate and help as much as they can.

The structure of the money distribution is broken into three components: $15 million for scholarships, $5 million for the student center renovations and $5 million for the athletic expansion, which includes the addition of six new competitive sport teams and a new soccer/lacrosse complex.

The sizeable number of achievements in the athletic program at CSU Pueblo have all stemmed from the type of athletes that have been drawn to compete at the university.  Scholarship money is a serious factor that determines who will and who will not come to play at CSU-Pueblo. The more money offered to the student, the more likely that student will attend the school.

With money from the On the Move campaign going toward more scholarships and athletic expansion, CSU-Pueblo should start to see improvements in their Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference standing. The higher the school climbs in the athletic standings, the greater the school’s reputation will become both regionally and nationally. This ultimately will lead to a better future for the school and the generations of students to come.