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9th Annual Rollin’ On The Riverwalk Is a Go


Pueblo Riverwalk gets ready to kick off another great Fourth of July bash. Photo from
The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo is having its ninth annual Fourth of July celebration and is expecting record breaking crowds this year.

In previous years, there have been reported over ten-thousand people in attendance. The Pueblo Symphony under direction of Jacob Chi will perform up until the fireworks show, while featuring artist, Douglas Webster. The Pueblo Symphony comes each year to celebrate the nation and its independence in the heart of downtown Pueblo.
The recent wild fires that have impacted and are continuing to impact Colorado have devastated the state and caused two deaths.

Greg Boyce, from KOAA recently reported online, “17,920 acres, with 70 percent containment.
Residents of approximately 500 homes located south of Champagne Drive. and north of 30th Street. will be able to safely return home as of 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3. Homes will have water and electricity, while individual gas service will take additional time to restore.”

Colorado is under a fireworks ban this year; however the HARP foundation has obtained a special permit that will allow a fireworks show this year. The show is handled by trained professionals and will begin as soon as the Pueblo Symphony is done performing. The fireworks are lit on top of the parking garage beyond the AT&T wireless call center for the best view.

The gates to the event will open at 3 p.m. There will be premium seating for everyone who has purchased premium tickets. The show will take place at the Frontier Airlines Amphitheatre which is beyond the first phase of the Riverwalk.

Gate admission tickets are sold for $3 and if bought at a local Loaf ‘N’ Jug, a discounted $1 boat ride coupon will be given. Tickets are also available for sale at the Riverwalk Welcome Center, including premium tickets which are being sold for ten dollars.

Kevin Ortiz, Marketing Director of the Pueblo Riverwalk said, “The Pueblo Riverwalk partnered up with Red Cross and will be accepting donations at all of the entry gates.”

With hopes of a good turnout this year, the money raised will go to those impacted by the fires. The event hopes to unite residents from all over Colorado and help rebuild from the devastation.

Entertainment for the event will begin as soon as people begin to arrive. Various bands will be performing throughout the day, while vendors will be selling food and drinks. Children will be able to enjoy the “Summer Showers” statues that are chlorinated and provide a fun way to stay cool in the summer heat.

The Riverwalk will have pedal boats available to ride, narrated excursion tours and extravagant gondola rides done by performers. Later in the evening, the boat rides will be having a “booze-cruise” where alcohol is served on the boat during the tours.

This year, remember to have a fun yet safe Fourth of July and be sure to watch the exciting show at the Pueblo Riverwalk as we celebrate our nation’s independence.

For more information about the event and how to contact HARP, go to or feel free to contact the HARP authority at 719-595-0242. Also, for more information about the Pueblo Symphony, go to