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Coffee shop opens arms to all customers


Stompin’ Grounds coffee offers various types of beverages to its customers. Photo from Andrew Covin.
When you have a hankering for a cup of Joe, Stompin’ Grounds coffee shop has a perfect blend and variety of hot or cold caffeinated beverages appropriate for any mood.

Beulah, Colo. sits at the base of the mountains 25 miles southwest of Pueblo, and is home to Stompin’ Grounds coffee shop. Just a short 30 minute drive from Pueblo and you go from desert to mountain paradise. Once you break away from the desert plains and into Beulah Valley the temperature is usually cooler where the elevation is higher.

Downtown Beulah is quiet, reserved and other than a few houses, school, general store, and Post Office, it is not uncommon to see a neighborhood dog or cat walking around as they were a member of the community. The town is well kept, and with a coffee shop in the heart of Beulah, it becomes apparent this is where everyone gathers to chat, and enjoy a coffee.

The outside décor of the shop sets the tone for the inside with peace signs and local art that offer a warm colorful feel that is reminiscent of a coffee shop set straight out of a romantic comedy.

Jan Miller is the owner of Stompin’ Grounds, while Beulah is slow paced, running a coffee shop is the furthest thing from slow.

“In the summer time I would say 50 people would walk through here on a good day,” she said.

“75 Percent are regulars,” said coffee patron Tom Meyers. Meyers, 74, is one of Miller’s consistent customers who make coffee rounds regular.

Stompin’ Grounds offers just about every type of hot and cold coffee beverage, and also serves sandwiches, and milkshakes.

Miller has a set and full menu that is very clear and easy to read in regards to what is available in a beverage or sandwich. She is open to new menu ideas and tries to make sure that she is constantly evolving her business.

Stompin’ Grounds had humble beginnings. Opening six years ago in August, Miller spent the previous three years prepping the store and creating her menu from scratch.

“I had no idea how many ideas I really had,” she said.

After the lengthy process of starting her small business, Miller feels that the coffee shop was pretty popular right off the bat, and credits much of her success to her friends as they have helped her over the past six years with the challenges of running a small business from time to time.

Ordering a coffee beverage and sandwich is not going to break the bank at Stompin’ Grounds. With prices consistently lower than competitors you don’t get sucked into the idea that you have to only get the smallest or cheapest thing on the menu because you are worried about blowing through your $20 bill.

Stompin’ Grounds hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you are looking to try that new coffee shop this summer, then run down to Beulah where you can take in the mountains and feel like immediate family when you walk in the door.