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University adjusts to the emergence of CSU-P Confessions

Photo from the CSU-P Confessions page (
The profile picture on the CSU-P Confessions Facebook page. Photo from the CSU-P Confessions page (

The CSU-P Confessions page on Facebook is a popular place for students to anonymously “confess” their secrets to other students on campus.

According to the page description, “These are anonymous confessions from students and anything can be submitted.”

But “anything” is a very general term for such a page as this. While entertainment was the primary motive behind the creation of this page, it is clear that most users who participate in this page use it as more of a joke than an actual confessions page.

The page contains a disclaimer, saying it is not formally sanctioned by the university. The university actually went so far as to ask the page to remove its logo as its profile picture.

“Since confessions is not an official university-managed page, we requested that the copyrighted university logos be removed early in the page’s development,” Cora Zaletel, the executive director of executive affairs at CSU- Pueblo, said. “Other than that our only interaction with that page is when it comes up as part of the monitoring process we conduct in order to maintain the university’s brand and reputation.”

One CSU-Pueblo student, who initially “liked” the confessions page, said they chose to “un-like” it after seeing some of the content on the page.

“It has grown to become something inappropriate that can even be accessed by kids who are not adults, seeing adult content on the Internet,” said the student, who chose to remain anonymous.

Although the CSU-P Confessions page is well known around the campus, only approximately 1,400 people actually interact on the page itself.

The page has been used to help improve the university campus and its activities as well.

“We have taken seriously some of the feedback gleaned from the confessions page to make improvements on campus,” Zaletel said.

According to Zaletel, a new page has been created on Facebook in response to the CSU-P Confessions page.

“I was pleased to see a CSU-Pueblo Compliments page be established recently to counter what primarily is negativity spread about the university on the confessions page,” Zaletel said.

The compliments page was created on Aug. 20, 2013. The page currently rallies 142 users and contains less potentially offensive content than the confessions page does.