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CSU-Pueblo and PCC celebrate 75th anniversary


Sunday, July 13 marked the 75th anniversary for Colorado State-Pueblo and Pueblo Community College; the schools threw a celebration party at the PCC campus, with over 1,500 Puebloans showing up to help celebrate the event.

The two colleges provided live music and entertainers as well as activities. Crowd pleasing events that most people seemed to like were the salsa dancers and Pueblo Ritual Team. Audiences clapped, cheered, chanted and danced to the erythematic harmonies of both entertainers.

Numerous events and displays captured the attention of those who attended the event. For some, the celebration was more than they anticipated.  “I’m really surprised that this whole thing is kind of fun. What really got my attention is the art displays.  I think it’s really cool that the current students could showcase their artwork.  They have some really good art up,” said a 2007 CSU-Pueblo digital art graduate Nicki Hart.

Hart wasn’t the only one to be pleasantly surprised by the number of activities.  A number of visitors commented on the numerous forms of entertainment they could choose from. “I didn’t expect this to be so big.  There’s a lot to do, I’m here with my family and they all found something to do,” said Ruth Soto.

Displays and events were strategically set up to best utilize the guests time when they toured the campus grounds. A bounce house, clowns, miniature golf and other displays were set up for children. In the meantime, parents and adults could be nearby looking at the displays that interested them.

Free massages, the car show, dancing, live music, historical bike rides and a live Rev 89 broadcast were hits with the older crowd.  Not only did the guests get entertained, but they were also introduced to new and old programs at both CSU-Pueblo and PCC.

September 6th marks the beginning of CSU-Pueblo’s football season and the players and coaches were out at the celebration to bring awareness and excitement at the event for the new program. “It’s been great to get out and meet the community.  It’s exciting to see them get hyped up about what we’re doing,” said CSU-Pueblo’s tackle Chris Coffey.

“Pueblo really does seem to support us. The people I’ve talked to about football are looking forward to it.  It’s an honor for us because we want to represent the city of Pueblo,” said Coffey.