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CSU-Pueblo offers students chance to master zymurgy institute


CSU-Pueblo will be providing  students with an opportunity to make their own beer with the Zymurgy Institute 6.0, a beer brewing classes that teaches the very scientific specifics about the fermentation process. 

Photo by John B. Carnett.

This will be the sixth semester that the class has been offered by the university and the class costs either $125 per individual class or $999 for the whole series of classes. The institute will last four months and each class will include 6 students who are either skilled in zymurgy

“You just have to want to know how to brew your own beer and be interested in the scientific process of the class,” said James Malm, leader of the classes

The zymurgy class will show you how to make 10 different types of beer, from the lightest beer, which is called Steam Beer that has three percent alcohol, all the way to their highest alcohol, which is named Russian Stout Imperial that has seven percent alcohol content.

Also on the agenda is the brewing of Octoberfest, Kolsh, Belgian Wit, Belgian Saison, American Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, India Pale Ale and German Pilsner, according to information on CSU-Pueblo’s website.

 The highest percent beer will be a dark beer and the lowest percent alcohol content beer will be a light beer.

The class is not a lecture class; it’s a hands-on class that will teach the specifics on the certain measurements of hops, the temperature at which the beer is kept at and the precise ingredients that you put into the mixture to make the alcohol, which includes bags of grain.

How the beer is made and what type of beer it is determines the amount of time it will take to make that type of alcohol.

One of the main teachers in the class is Ken Andrews, who works in Polynesia as a hot water biologist who studies micro organisms that grow on volcanic vents, a $15 billion dollar industry. In the class, Andrews will be watching the yeast DNA fermentation of the alcohol that is being made.

After the last class is complete there will be a covered-dish dinner and beer tasting session to conclude the end of the entire session.

Students interested in participating in the class can contact Malm at 719-322-3933, or by email at