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CSU-Pueblo student puts on first fashion show


Sherrea Elliott(left), fashion show designer, is congratulated by her friend after the show. Photo courtesy of Darci Powers.
Students put their creative talents to work with inspiration from the African prints and the Victorian era based fashion show on Aug 31.

The show began at 6:30 p.m. at the fountain with approximately 70 people in attendance. The show lasted for 45 minutes and included a performance by the CSU-Pueblo dance team.

Although the automatic sprinkler system messed up the original seating plans, people pitched in to help move chairs and the show moved on without further problems.

The show was titled “Making of a Woman,” and the works displayed were named the “Eve” Fall/Winter 2012 collection. According to designer Sherrea Elliot, the inspiration for the show came from African prints and the Victorian era.

Elliott, a 21-year-old senior majoring in mass communications with an emphasis in journalism, electronic media and integrated mass communications, said the purpose of the event was to show “a woman’s journey from her creation to her evolution.”

Out of 11 models, all but two are current CSU-Pueblo students. The names of the models who participated are: Jaquiece Jones, Myzhia Jones, Shannon Elliott, Tessa McFunk, Elizabeth Woods, Normandy Fernandez, Kristiyna James, Portia Pettis, Vanessa Emmerson, and Candance Hawkins.

Other students who helped included Denzel Williams as the master of ceremonies, Averyel West as the shoe stylist, CSU-Pueblo football player Mark Sterling as the disc jockey, Darci Powers as the photographer, Sky Chase as the videographer, and E.J. Jordan as the backstage assistant.

Elliot personally funded the show. The organization Bold and Beautiful Educated Sisters provided funding for the location.

Elliott has loved fashion from a young age, and began designing clothes when she was in fifth grade. She still keeps two of her first sketches for inspiration.

Despite her long history of designing clothes this was Elliott’s first fashion show. She began work on the show in late May.

“I walked past the fountain one day and said ‘I want to have a fashion show here’ and three months later I can say I did it,” she said.

It is certainly not the last show she plans on having, as she hopes to have a second show in the spring. And men, do not assume that fashion is strictly for women. “A lot of guys asked me to do some men’s clothing so I will give that a try,” Elliot said.

Elliott loves what she does and wants to help people in the simple ways. “I know that clothing doesn’t save lives or cure cancer, but clothing can put a smile on a person’s face, or help them to have the confidence they need for a job interview, she said.

The last song played during the fashion show was “I Was Here” by Beyonce. This was of special significance to Elliott because she said she wanted to show her story to the world through her fashion.

“I have had some struggles like we all do, but that I have and am evolving into the confident fearless woman I know I can be. I want to leave my mark on this world and be it in helping someone through clothing or whatever I guarantee you that this world is going to know Sherrea Elliott was here!”