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CSU-Pueblo wants ideas for Hatian relief effort


Holding a benefit concert and blood drive were among the possible Haiti fund-raising efforts discussed during a Monday meeting in the Associated Student Government Chambers at the Occhiato University Center at Colorado State University-Pueblo.
During the meeting, students contributed fund-raising ideas to help the island nation of Haiti, which lost thousands of lives, during last Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake, according to ASG President Steve Titus.  A junior majoring in political science, Titus said he received 15 e-mails from students asking what the campus can do to help the relief efforts.  In a Friday, Jan. 15 e-mail to the campus, Titus said he hopes the CSU-Pueblo community will unite to help bring relief to the Haitians.
“I want to get people to network and find out what we can do to help these people, and this meeting is a good start toward doing that,” Titus said.
Students suggested donating $10 via text message to the American Red Cross, holding raffles and a benefit concert.  Conducting a medical supplies drive and blood drive also was suggested.
Clara Long, 28, a senior majoring in outdoor leadership, said people prefer to see their money go directly toward a fund-raising effort instead of writing a check.  She also suggested holding a Haitian art/history fund-raising exhibit as a way to educate the community about the nation to which they are making their contributions.
“Some people have an issue with donating money, and instead prefer to send supplies or donate blood,” Long said.  Titus said he would arrange a donation date, time and location with Bonfils Blood Drive.
Titus said he’s proud that students want to get involved.  He said people want to help but often don’t know what to do or who to see.
“People tend to take life for granted until something of this nature happens,” Titus said.  “When disaster happens, people want to pitch in and help, and feel like they’re contributing to a good cause.”

ASG President Steve Titus (l) discusses fund-raising ideas with CSU-Pueblo President Joe Garcia. photo by William J. Dagendesh
ASG President Steve Titus (l) discusses fund-raising ideas with CSU-Pueblo President Joe Garcia. photo by William J. Dagendesh

Titus said he is happy to kick off the meetings, but that he hopes someone with more time and experience will take charge of the project.  The ASG president said he encourages anyone with disaster relief experience to step forward.
“If I can start the fire, hopefully someone will want to pour gasoline on and run with the project,” Titus said.
Anyone interested in missionary work can learn more by visiting  The next meeting will be held today at noon and at 5 p.m. in the ASG Chambers.