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Editorial: booty-and-butt themed concert the best the university could do?

Submitted by on February 20, 2014 – 1:06 am13 Comments
File photo.

The activity planners could have picked a better theme for the school’s spring concert, which will be held on April 18. File photo.

The artists who brought you the songs “Baby got Back” and “Ms. New Booty” are now the headliners for Colorado State University-Pueblo’s upcoming booty-and-butt themed concert.

The activity planners could have picked a better theme for the school’s spring concert, which will be held on April 18.

For one thing, many college students have never even heard of the featured artists, Bubba Sparxxx, Kirko Bangz and Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Kirko Bangz, whose song “Drank in my Cup” was No. 1 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart as recently as 2012, is the only one of the three artists who might appeal to a college-aged demographic.

The other two artists haven’t had much recent success.

Sir Mix-a-Lot was famous for a song released in 1992, when many current college students weren’t even born, and Bubba Sparxxx had some success with his album “Charms” in 2006, but hasn’t had a big hit in the seven years since.

And the artist’s popularity isn’t the only thing about them that’s old-fashioned.

The theme of the concert, not to mention the lyrics of the featured songs, is outdated and sexist. The lyrics focus on the female anatomy, and not in a respectful way.

The first verse to “Ms. New Booty” starts: “Girl, I don’t need you, but you need me/Take it off, let it flop, shake it freely.” The lyrics don’t improve from there.

If CSU-Pueblo wants to present itself as in line with these outdated and sexist ideas, then this concert is a great idea.

Otherwise, next time  Patty Witkowsky and the student activity board are planning an event, they should consider inviting artists who college students have actually heard of – and whose lyrics are respectful toward everyone.


  • Anonymous says:

    Katie England should learn to spell Patty Witkowsky’s name correctly, name the “student activity board” correctly (Student Engagement and Leadership Advisory Board), and in fact, apply to serve on the board to voice her opinion and be engaged in bringing different acts to campus.

  • E says:

    Clearly some people are not pleased about this whole “Big Booty Tour” With bringing a Concert to the University that shows artist, comedians, distinguish guest that some small town college is cool and that maybe they’ll come by again in the next couple years. If I may say one thing Students complain all the time about how all these events Student Engagement and Leadership host are lame or it could be better but if I remember right It is up to the students to decide what they would like to do. DR. Patty Witkowsky knows what she is doing so cut some Slack the fact she is still here after all the changes is pretty awesome.

  • Common student says:

    I agree, these songs are not respectful to women and I am surprised and angry that this university, which claims to support the uprising of women as valued citizens and leaders (and who has a women president) would invite artists who sing about women as little more than sex toys. This double standard invites criticism in regards to the validity of the CSU-Pueblo brand and values. And not serving on the board doesn’t make these campus wide complaints any less valid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nothing is ever good enough, when it doesnt please everyone. Lets not focus on what the concert lacks, and lets actually appreciate that we are getting a concert event this year. I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE 🙂
    I’m pretty excited, and this is probably the coolest thing I will have attended at CSUP since i’ve been here and it’s my senior year. Haters are going to Hate.
    Its better to enjoy something like this, than to waste your energy trying to hate on the event and the people who are doing their best job to organize it.

  • C says:

    I agree, I am a student and will not be attending. I probably represent 50% of the student population. When I first read “Big Booty Tour” on a flyer I was reassured of at least one reason I will be transfering to a different, and more mature, university next semester.

  • Trevor says:

    Katie, most students agree with your opinion here. The concert is a dumb idea and doesn’t improve CSUP’s image at all. I don’t stand for trash like this and I don’t want my dollars supporting it. Seriously, these lyrics almost sound like the thought processes of a sexually violent predator.

    I honestly have no problem inviting groups that don’t have their names out there yet because it adds to the culture, we save money and help support the musician’s way to success.

    In my highly biased and conservative opinion, if the University is facing a budget crisis then unnecessary events and programs should be cut rather than still charging students with fees and adding to the debt. That just teaches the students all the wrong lessons about what to do in harsh financial climate. If the economy starts to go downhill then stop wasting money on what you do not need. Education will survive without the wasting. Does it make sense to anyone that an educational institution, when faced with financial disaster, should cut instructors rather than sports and events (i.e. “booty tour”)?

  • a says:

    I think a lot of people will be attending. If you go to any other school the songs will be just as bad at concerts if not worse. I will be attending and almost everybody I know is going and they are excited about it. They may be older songs, but they are still fun and everybody knows the lyrics. If you’re complaining then don’t go. We will have fun without you!

  • Trevor says:

    And yes, haters ARE going to hate because they are the ones paying for the things they do not want. The vast majority of us would gladly opt out of supporting this if given the chance. I’m sure a few students and community members enjoy this type of thing, but if more people strongly oppose it than support then it shouldn’t happen. I think CSUP needs to apologize to the students. This is an insult to our intelligence, our morals and the community.

  • Anonymous says:

    So, should the university just take a loss of the contracts that have already been signed? I heard they are signed, so that means we’ll just have nothing. I’m sure that will piss off a lot of us. And pretty much you know that every rap artist will have controversial lyrics. So, we will never be able to have a rap concert on campus even though that’s what many of us listen to?

  • Trevor says:

    Right now I’m doubting your claim about every rap artist having controversial lyrics. Thats a rather blunt argument to make about an entire music genre, just saying. Even if it were accurate, these particular songs are far beyond the point of “controversial”, they are provocative, demeaning, and offensive to quite a few (see article above). Am I wrong?

    And yes, I do think they should scrap the whole event (this school is no stranger to wasting money anyways). If the only thing these “artists” and our event coordinators can offer is sleazy music themed for a strip club then they should just give up.

    If music of this nature appeals to you individually, thats your prerogative. But don’t force students like myself to support it with mandatory fees.

  • KATHY R SUTTON says:

    This is embarrassing…Higher institute of learning sponsoring a butt n booty concert really? SMH

  • Chalk Artist says:

    There are some amazing musicians that were likely just as willing to take the contract and perform for this concert. But without taking the actual students opinions into consideration we were awarded with “The Booty Tour”, an idea that could have came out of someone’s booty.

    The problem is the lack of communication between the Student Engagement and Leadership Advisory Board and us – the students.


    Using quantitative data from students like a “What musical artists would you like to see perform here at CSU-Pueblo?” survey, located at a table placed neatly and publicly in front of the campus library for a few days would be a great way to visualize what the student population would be interested in attending, so lets try that next time?

  • Ashley says:

    I support Katie’s view on the Booty Tour. I’m frankly embarrassed that our campus will host a tour who’s very name implicates a very specific body part they plan to, um, tour? And we are inviting them to do so at our campus, to our students. This is problematic.

    For those commenters that claim we students should just be grateful that our school is doing this for us may I remind you that this is not a gift from the university – WE PAID for the concert with OUR outlandish student fees. This is not charity. If my classroom produced such lame, sexist content I would raise heck – and students should do the same for the use of their fees. Fees should be used to improve student life. Some thirty and forty year old men touring booties is not an improvement of student life.

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