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Fashion show designed to help students dress for success


By Kelli Kavinsky

A Career Center Fashion Show designed to show students how to dress professionally will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 16 at the Occhiato University Center’s Great Hall at CSU-Pueblo.

 “It’ll be a quick run through of what is appropriate to wear. It’s our way of showing students how to dress for an interview and for even our Career Fair in March,” said Gracie Gill, a business student in the master’s degree program and career assistant for the Career Center. “Most students don’t realize that they’re supposed to show up to the Career Fair in interview attire. They just show up in their jeans.”

Gill hopes having the fashion show during lunch will provide people with an opportunity to attend, she said.

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“There’s always so much traffic in the Great Hall at lunch so I’m hoping that the students coming in and out will take the time to stop and see what’s going on,” Gill said. 

Each model for the fashion show will be wearing clothes provided by Maurice’s, she said. During the show, attendees will receive guidance from the Career Center and Maurice’s representatives concerning which clothes are best suited for an interview.

“Maurice’s is allowing us to borrow their clothes and use them for the show. Which helps us out a lot and it is good advertisement for them,” Gill said. “It allows students to know where to find that type of clothes. The people at Maurice’s are really helpful too.”

This year, the show will not feature any judges because Gill said she felt that an educational style show would be more beneficial and better suited for students.

“Rather than have students being judged by what they’re wearing correctly or incorrectly, we wanted students to learn about what is going to be appropriate and most beneficial to their success in an interview,” Gill said.

The Career Center Fashion Show will be open for all majors, Gill said, and she encourages everyone to attend.

 “It’s a great learning tool for everyone, so please stop by,” Gill said.