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Girl in a Bookstore: What do you think of parking pass prices?

Alaura Butler is a sophomore at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in biology. Photo by Milly Spady.

“I got a $50 parking ticket seven days after the parking pass I had expired, so I had to pay for my ticket and $100 for a new parking pass. The price for a piece of plastic is ridiculous, especially on top of tuition costs.”

Alayna Abeyta is a junior at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in psychology. Photo by Milly Spady.

“I don’t understand having to pay $100 for a piece of plastic. $50 is understandable, but 90 percent of the school population lives off campus. I understand that there needs to be a fee but it doesn’t need to be so expensive. I also don’t know where all of the money we pay for parking passes goes.”

Nicholaus Anderson is a junior at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in history. Photo by Milly Spady.

“Where’s all the money for the parking passes going to? I don’t understand why the price of the parking passes went up from $50 my sophomore year, to $75. If they’re going to charge more for parking passes, they should make more parking lots.”

Makenzie Smith is a freshman at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in elementary education. Photo by Milly Spady.

“It should be a price that’s included in our student fees. If we’re paying for daycare, even if we don’t have kids, the price should be somewhat or all included in our fees. It’s too much to pay out of pocket when we’re also paying for tuition, books and fees.”