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Girl in the Bookstore: Should CSU-Pueblo’s Underground lounge be restored?

Theresa Stevens is a senior at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in accounting. Photo by Milly Spady.

“Yes, as long as it’s monitored. Alcohol shouldn’t be served there because it’s really hard to watch for underage drinkers, which could cause a bad rep for the school. Also, with serving alcohol in the Underground, you’d have to hire bartenders and security guards.”

Zach Koshak is a senior at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in mathematics. Photo by Milly Spady.

“Yes, there should also be alcohol served there. It’s better than having to go to a bar.”

Georgia Hartsfield is a junior at CSU-Pueblo who is majoring in mass communications. Photo by Milly Spady.

“Yes, because it would give students more to do at night versus going to a bar.”

Greg Hoeck works for Information Technology Services at CSU-Pueblo. Photo by Milly Spady.

“If the students want it then let them have it. At the same time survey students and see what they want. Would they mind paying a few more dollars in student fees to get nicer things in the Underground? Then have a second survey showing students what can be purchased with the budget for the Underground and let them choose from the things on that survey.”