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Girl in the Bookstore: What do you think of the computer labs at CSU-Pueblo?

Taylor Branch is a senior who is majoring in business management. Photo by Milly Spady.

“The one in the library are great but there needs to be more computers in the residence halls. There’s been some improvement since my freshman year in 2008. The computer lab in the OUC is gross as hell, no one monitors it. The student tech fees aren’t being put to use. With the student tech fees, there needs to more monitors in the computer labs, even if they only go in the labs twice a day to clean. There also needs to be more color printers on campus besides the one in the library. The IT people need better training. They are really rude and not very helpful.”

Shelby Loflan is a freshman who is majoring in biology. Photo by Milly Spady.

“I don’t really use them because I have my own computer, but from the looks of them they look helpful.”

Mitchel Muller is a senior who is majoring in liberal studies. Photo by Milly Spady.

“They’ve been working pretty good this year. I had a few network problems when I used them last year.”

Anna Jameson is a senior who is majoring in exercise science. Photo by Milly Spady.

“The ones I the library are good. It just bothers me that the one in the exercise science building closes early.”