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Is it time to fix the communication inside the university?

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Had any pizza lately? If not, it’s probably because students had no idea that Pizza with the President was happening on Oct. 22. Photo courtesy of

Sarah Matott

Had any pizza lately? If not, it’s probably because nobody knew about Pizza with the President on Oct. 22. 

At Pizza with the President, there is, of course, free pizza. But it is also a meeting where students have the opportunity to meet with the Colorado State University-Pueblo President, Lesley Di Mare, and voice their concerns as students.

I’m guessing the only students attending were those who either attend the event regularly or who check their student email account religiously.

At 8:38 a.m., an email from the President’s Office was sent out to students, informing them about the free pizza, only three hours before the event was scheduled to start at 11:30 a.m.

Of course, every student at CSU-Pueblo was just sitting in front of his or her computer, waiting with anticipation for an email to arrive which would tell them where to go to lunch.

Except most might not be, because they have more important things to do than constantly check the student email. Even if students did check that account at least once a day, would they have checked between 8:38 and 11:30 a.m.?

One has to wonder how much the school really cares about hearing student concerns and issues.

If administration really wanted to hear what the majority of the students had to say, wouldn’t they advertise this meeting and free pizza better?

It would seem that at CSU-Pueblo, students are not informed enough about any of the events that occur on campus. Surely, there are better ways of announcing what’s going on than through the mostly unused student email accounts.

If students solely relied on the university email to find out about events, then they probably missed out on the entire first day of “Geek Week.” The email announcing this weeklong even wasn’t even sent until 1:46 p.m. on Oct. 21, the day it was supposed to start.

If the email was the first time the students heard of this “Geek Week,” then I’m sure they were as devastated as I was that to know they missed nearly a full day of Cosplay Day.

Now the student email is not the only way students can learn about the events taking place on campus. There are plenty of posters around campus, and then there’s always the “Howl,” but how effective is that, really, in reaching out to the average CSU-Pueblo student?

After all, unless that burrito for lunch just was not working and the masses spent a considerable amount of time  in the restrooms, when do students have the time to read every bit of the “Howl?”

Students are constantly encouraged to get involved on campus, but getting involved is made difficult because of the lack of effective advertising and the poor communication surrounding these school events.

The student email system sucks, especially when the majority of CSU-Pueblo students forget they even have a student email.

If the school really cares about getting students involved with all the events that are happening on campus, then they need to use something besides the student email that rarely gets checked, or the “Howl,” which is only noticed in the bathroom stalls.

If for some reason, the student email is the only possible form of communication between students and admin, could they at least send the email more than three hours before an event? Surprising as this may sound, more students might show up to Pizza with the President if they had time to squeeze it into a busy college schedule.