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Jesus Nebot takes on illegal immigration


Jesus Nebot, as he interacts with students during his lecture. Photo courtesy of Felix Cordova.
Renowned filmmaker and transformational speaker Jesus Nebot gave a lecture on Tuesday, Sept. 18, in the OUC ballroom, about illegal immigration.

The Diversity Resource Center and Student Activities have teamed up for Hispanic Heritage Month. The first event on the calendar was Jesus Nebot and more events are to come.

Nebot has lectured in 30 states and 10 countries, for educational purposes. Nebot has helped start shelters for homeless people around the world and has helped train people to be successful.

The lecture, which started at 4 p.m., only brought in a small crowd, but Nebot saw this as an opportunity to interact with everyone in attendance. Nebot asked whom of the attendees were immigrants and two people raised their hands.

Nebot explained that most U.S. citizens have ancestors that were immigrants, so a majority of citizens are not native.

Nebot gave a small speech about his life and spoke about why he had to move from Spain. When he was 18, he got drafted into the Spanish military and he refused to go. During his court date, a law was passed that the draft system for the military was unfair and Nebot was free from prosecution.

Nebot went through a brief history of how immigration started and how it has become a problem. He went on to say that people have made it a criminal violation, when it’s actually a civil violation. Nebot said, “Why the term illegal alien? These people are fleeing because of economic inequality, so shouldn’t we call them economic refugees?”

The lecture also included a comparison of driving over the speed limit, to crossing the border.

“Do you call people, who violate the speed limit, an illegal driver?” Nebot said.

The funds for border control have tripled in the last few years, but so has the number of illegal immigrants, so it’s wasted money, Nebot said. He also stated that most of the illegal immigrants that come into the U.S. go on to help boost our economy by working hard for little pay.

“We need more compassion, to gather more humanitarian solutions.” Nebot said. People are coming to the U.S. to survive and when your family is hungry, you will find a way to feed them, even if that means crossing the border. Nebot’s solution is to make it easier for people to become legal citizens of the U.S.

The solution is to lighten up on border control and learn how to work with other governments so that we can benefit from it, he said. We need these people and these people need us. Nebot made it clear that he wanted these people here, but the government must make them citizens so they could benefit from programs like social security.

Nebot is a passionate speaker and a humanitarian. He is a person who cares about the well-being of all mankind and someone who wants to make a change in the world.

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