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Letter from the Editor


Dear Readers,

In my last letter I explained that CSU-Pueblo TODAY seeks your talents, and welcomes ideas and submissions. However, CSU-Pueblo TODAY is not obligated to accept material considered unsuitable for publication.

Last week, I received a phone call from a male student suggesting we publish photos of bikini-clad female students. He said he read my letter, stating that CSU-Pueblo TODAY accepts all submissions. I explained that nowhere in my letter did I say CSU-Pueblo TODAY accepts all submissions, but that we welcome and encourage ideas and creativity.

I explained that CSU-Pueblo TODAY does not support material that paints women in a negative light. Furthermore, I explained that women comprise half of the CSU-Pueblo TODAY editorial and reporting staff, and that these people got to their respective positions through talent and hard work.

Char Gray continues to serve as online video editor because of her superb video work and interaction with the community. Nikki Martinez, who last spring joined the team as a staff writer, this semester earned the position of news editor. I said that publishing such photos would be an insult to them and women everywhere.

While I appreciate his interest in our product, I declined the students’ suggestion. Such graphics do not serve any purpose in our publication except to exploit women instead of recognizing them for their contributions to society.

Indeed, CSU-Pueblo TODAY online continues to explore new creative possibilities designed to appeal to every taste. CSU-Pueblo TODAY wants your writing, photographic and artistic talents for publication because we believe contributions from readers like you give our product personality and enhance readership. However, submissions must adhere to good taste.

William J. Dagendesh is editor in chief of CSU-Pueblo TODAY. He can be contacted at

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