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Letter from the editor


To the readers of the CSU-Pueblo TODAY,

It has come to our attention that many of the students at Colorado State University- Pueblo have the impression that the university is not informing its students of many internal and external issues related to the campus. Many feel as if a lot of information at this public university is being kept private, and a lot of students believe they are in the dark when it comes to important issues happening on campus.

Communication is an issue that many organizations struggle with, and CSU-Pueblo is no different in this regard.

With a campus as diverse as CSU-Pueblo, communication is definitely challenging, and reaching the entire campus community often feels impossible, however that does not mean that more efficient efforts at communication should not be attempted.

We at the TODAY have always felt it is our job to report on events and happenings that affect the campus and its students and we encourage the university community to contact us so we can assist in communicating important news to the entire campus.

The TODAY is a very important communication tool, as we are the voice of the campus. It is our job to report the events and happenings that affect the campus or its students.

In an ideal world, we could work together with campus leaders to benefit the university on a large scale. If anyone has a message they are interested in publicizing, simply contact the TODAY and we will work to get it covered.

It’s a simple solution to a very large communication issue.

All we need to do is work together and create one effective communication medium, the go-to medium.


Jason Cowan



Photo by Char Gray.
Photo by Char Gray.