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Mass communication student sets big goals

Senior mass comm student Tyler Lundquist is finding a way to make a name for himself in the video world. Photo courtesy of Lundquist.

Tyler Lundquist, senior mass communication student is preparing to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications electronic media from CSU-Pueblo in the spring of 2013.

“I ended up in mass communications because my mom did not want to pay for me to go to school to be a teacher,” Lundquist said. “I didn’t even know what mass comm was.”

Having almost no prior experience on the subject of video production or communications, Lundquist said he was able to learn quickly while finding the mass communications classes both challenging and interesting.

Since first entering video production, Lundquist has worked on several different projects, earning him and his freelance production company, “Pan Productions”, both money and recognition.

“My very first job was a wedding in Pueblo for $1,500, and that was a huge confidence booster,” Lundquist said. “It let me know that I had the skills to create quality content on my own or as the leader of a crew.”
While still creating wedding videos every summer, Lundquist ventured into more creative territory.

One of his most recent projects, a short mockumentary-style film called “Americo”, earned him and a group of colleagues a great deal of recognition at Denver’s 48-hour film festival.

“In that competition…we had just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit the video,” Lundquist said.

Out of around 45 teams that entered the competition, Lundquist and his crew brought home the awards for Best Lead Actor and Best Directing. He said it was the project he was most proud of so far that was just for fun.
Lundquist also does side ventures which he considers to be an accomplishment.

For more than a year, Lundquist has been working with Berkey Filters, a water filter company, creating “how-to” videos and information for their website.

Along with being able to charge an hourly wage and work mostly from home, Lundquist said the best part is being able to actually do work in the field that he wants without yet earning his degree.

“It all goes back to the first wedding I did in 2009 that lets me know I can work on a professional level while still in school,” Lundquist said.

In addition, Lundquist said he enjoys doing the Berkey videos because it allows for him to be able to be more creative than doing a wedding video where his job is to be in the right place at the right time.

“This is different than most jobs,” Lundquist said. “On this job I am able to come up with the concept, set up the green screen, create the lighting set-up, create original graphics, storyboard, shoot and edit.”
With graduation nearing, Lundquist has his sights set on making a name for himself in the video production world.

Lundquist said he wants to continue to expand his production company to a respectable size, while also applying to private production company, making as many contacts as he can.

He said he looks forward to the future of companies such as Netflix looking to produce their own original content.

“I believe that in the coming years, there will be a window for people like me to advance in this industry without having to go through our current powerhouses such as Hollywood and TV networks,” Lundquist said.
He sees those types of companies turning to original content producers soon, with streaming video becoming more and more popular with TV watchers.

“That’s where I plan to step in,” Lundquist said.

While Lundquist attributes his work ethic to his dad, a farmer, he says there really aren’t any influences that come from the video and film industry for him. Instead, the notion of being successful is what keeps him moving forward.

“I found that my biggest driving factor is that I want to be great at what I do,” Lundquist said. “I’ve tried to never say ‘no’ to any opportunity that came my way.”