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Mayan elder returns to squash doomsday rumors


Mayan spirit guide Miguel Angel Chiquin returned to Pueblo for lectures regarding Mayan spirituality and to halt the doomsday myth that has been rumored to occur Dec. 21, 2012.

Miguel Angel Chiquin prepares for a Mayan energy reading. Photo by John Pantoya.

The first lecture took place March 10 at the Unitarian Universalist Church and the second was held at the CSU-Pueblo campus Monday, March 12, at the Underground of the Occhiato University Center.

The first visit that Chiquin made to the Pueblo area occurred last spring when he spoke to a full auditorium in the Hasan School of Business. The message he continues to share is that the doomsday prophecies associated with the Mayan calendar are false, and that the fifth and final cycle of the sun will start and mark a new beginning for humanity, he said.

Using a Spanish interpreter for translation, Chiquin spoke to a crowd of approximately 50 people in the OUC Underground.

“We are preparing ourselves for the great cosmic walk,” he said.

Chiquin believes it is time for people to put a stop to the mental sabotage they have been under for years, he said. People have gotten lost in the intellect and must return to nurturing their spirits as well, he said.

The controversial date of Dec. 21, is when the Mayan calendar supposedly comes to an end. This date will not be one of doomsday, but rather one of a spiritual awakening for humanity, Chiquin said.

“Many are speaking of destruction or death. None of that is going to happen,” he said. “Beautiful things are coming. We are just a few months from encountering the fifth sun which is for all humanity.”

The fifth cycle is the final 5,000 year cycle of the sun and is when humanity will reach its full spiritual potential, he said.

“According to our sacred book the Pop Vu, the first sun is when people were made of mud, but they didn’t work. Our second sun was when people were made of wood and they didn’t work. Our third sun was when there were organic people, and they didn’t work.  Our fourth sun is when people were made of corn and were almost perfect,” he said.

Though men and women were almost perfect in the fourth cycle, they lost track of the importance of their spirituality, Chiquin said.

“Our first ancestors said that when we looked up we could see to the ends of the universe, but as they began to evolve they got lost in the intellect and they separated from the spirit,” he said.  “Our fifth sun is when men and women will begin to walk with the sacred flame of spirituality.”

Chiquin also provided Mayan energy readings with a donation of choice. A reading consisted of decoding a person’s Mayan energies and discussing what type of influence they have in their lives, he said.

There are a total of 20 Mayan energies of which everyone will have four based on their date of birth.

“Each of these 20 energies of spiritual awakening plays a great role,” he said.

Chiquin ended his lecture by reiterating the fact that people should not listen to the hype surrounding an end of the world scenario Dec. 21, 2012, but instead prepare their spirit for a great cosmic encounter.