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Newly elected ASG members take office

Former ASG president and vice president,Timothy Zercher and Mario Ruiz join newly elected executives Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson at their induction. Photo from CSU-Pueblo ASG Facebook.
Former ASG president and vice president,Timothy Zercher and Mario Ruiz join newly elected executives Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson at their induction.
Photo from CSU-Pueblo ASG Facebook.

The Associated Students’ Government elections last week saw a 100 percent victory for Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson’s Legendary Party, and the newly elected ASG members were inducted Tuesday night at the 6 p.m. meeting, which was held in the ASG chambers on the third floor of the Occhiato University Center. The meeting was called to order by Speaker Anthony Schievelbein, and he requested all the former senators to share their thoughts during the last Senate meeting of the 2014-2015 academic year.

While sharing his own thoughts, Schievelbein said, “I have been honored to work with Timothy (Zercher) and Mario (Ruiz), even though it wasn’t part of a plan, it has been a very interesting and honorable experience. I know my position doesn’t exist next year, but I am still honored.”

Taylor Voss, former senator from the Hasan School of Business, said, “Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to be,’ so be the change you want to be on this campus.”

“I think ASG was one of the best decisions I made, apart from everything else I was involved in. Even if you don’t get voted into ASG, you can still put in your feedback and get involved,” said former senator at large Jordan Petty.

The induction ceremony began with an address from Gena Alfonso, director of Student Engagement and Leadership office and adviser for ASG.

In her address, Alfonso said, “I would like to thank our ASG election commissioner chair Ashley Kushner along with other commissioners and ASG coordinator Alexis King. I would like the newly elected officers to take ASG as a responsibility, not as a bullet point on their resume.”

Chief Justice Jibrail Dibble carried out the induction ceremony. She asked all the former senators to pass the light from their candles to the newly elected senators and then blow their own candles out. This symbolized the passing of responsibility to the new Senate, and afterward, the newly elected senators took their oath of office following Dibble’s lead.

Before former President Timothy Zercher and former Vice President Mario Ruiz passed their candlelight on, they made a final address to the Senate and audience.

Ruiz said, “I would not have picked a different group to work with, and I am really excited to see what my ASG team will do with the rest of their lives.”

Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson were then inducted as the new president and vice president of ASG.

In her first-ever ASG presidential address, Zarr gave a speech that made the entire room thunder with applause.

“I am overwhelmed by the support of students, faculty, staff, friends and family, and I would like to thank the outgoing ASG team of extremely enthusiastic individuals. I don’t want any of you to think that you are not important and cannot make a difference,” she said.

Zarr then explained the meaning behind ASG.

She said, “Associated means united, and our main goal is to be advocates for our students. I want all of us to be authentic, genuine and honest. ‘S’ stands for service, so we can serve as leaders to the student body. And ‘G’ is for good and gorgeous, which you all look tonight.”

The induction ceremony ended with an address from Marie Humphrey, dean of students and residence life.

“We are here for a reason and purpose beyond ourselves,” Humphrey said. “I challenge you Sarah Zarr, Gene Wilson and the entire Senate that when people are insecure give them confidence both in their academic and personal lives. When they need to be understood, put your ear down and listen to them, and when they are emotionally low, encourage them.”

Several special guests were present for the induction ceremony, including President Lesley DI Mare, faculty, staff and students, as well as friends and family members of the newly elected members of ASG.