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Peyton Manning signs five-year contract with Denver Broncos


The entrance of quarterback Peyton Manning on the Denver Broncos football team brings upa lot of thoughts from people around the country. Among the well-publicized concerns surrounding the trade are his neck injury, his age and whether or not Tim Tebow, last year’s starting quarterback, will be able to play in peace with Manning.

Peyton Manning at a news conference March 20, after he signed a five-year contract with the Denver Broncos. Photo by Ed Andrieski, Associated Press.


Peyton Manning has signed a five year $96 million dollar contract with the Denver Broncos, along with having the choice to go to the Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals and the San Fransico 49er’s. Inevitably, Manning picked Denver.

“I speculated for months if this was the right decision, I will make sure it was the right decision. Why we all play this game, we work hard in the off season lifting weights and getting out on the field,” Manning said in an interview.“I know what a challenge I’m in for there is no question about it. I’d rather have not taken a year off but I will turn that into a positive, and make sure my body is healthy and hopefully not take as many hits this year.”

Questions were asked by the media that were allowed to be in Manning’s press conference about how he felt about starting over and his connection with the Denver Broncos organization.

“It’s very new and it’s not 100 percent comfortable because of the relationships I had in Indianapolis, but this is a change and I’ve known John Elway and Mr. Bowlen, the Denver Broncos owner, will help me get situated and feel comfortable again.”

Merril Hoge, a former NFL fullback and now an ESPN commentator and analyst, said “He knows the trainer’s name, the equipment manager’s name and most of the other personnel. To have a hall of fame quarterback come into an organization and know most of your training staff is something quite different knowing he has only met with the team for about a week.”

When his new teammate Tebow, the Broncos former starting quarterback, came up in the interview Manning said, “If Tim Tebow is on my team next year we will do all that we can to make this team the best we can. If not I hope he gets the opportunity to start over, and if not I hope he can compete for a starting position if he does not remain a Denver Bronco.”

Vice president and former Broncos Super Bowl champion and hall of fame quarterback John Elway said, Without a doubt in my mind this is the best decision for the Denver Broncos at this time. My goal is to make Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback ever to play the game.”