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Pueblo celebrates 40 years with Rocky Moutain PBS


Sam Ebersole speaking during the celebration at Buell. Photo from Felix Cordova.
Spirits were high as CSU-Pueblo celebrated their 40 year partnership with PBS and thanked Jen Mullen for everything she has done.

The mass communications department hosted a party in the Buell Communications Center to celebrate their 40-year anniversary with Rocky Mountain PBS and they have made the affiliation official. Both sides agreed that there should be an official connection between Rocky Mountain PBS and CSU-Pueblo, so they made it happen.

The occasion brought together alumni, faculty, students, and special guests like CSU-Pueblo President Lesley Di Mare, and Doug Price, the CEO and president of Rocky Mountain PBS. Guests mingled, ate food and visited the bar as many times as they pleased.

Shortly into the party, Jennifer Mullen took the podium, addressed the crowd, and thanked everyone for coming. She went on to thank the department for its hard work and she said goodbye. Mullen has moved up from the chair of the mass communications department, to the chief of staff in the president’s office at CSU-Pueblo.

Later on, Price spoke to the crowd and explained how the partnership was good for Rocky Mountain PBS and CSU-Pueblo. He thanked the department for all of their hard work and pointed out specific people that he felt were doing a tremendous job, which was everyone that was involved with the station.

President Di Mare spoke briefly and then the speeches closed up with Sam Ebersole, who was recently promoted to the new department chair. Both of them thanked the department and talked about what they had in store for their positions at the university.

The fun continued after the speeches as conversation filled the room and drinks were handed out at the bar. People made their final rounds through the crowd as laughter echoed through the visitor center.

It was another milestone for CSU-Pueblo’s Mass Communications department and another successful celebration. It was a great party and it was fun to say the least. Many more celebrations will be coming soon as the fall semester closes in on all the summer fun.