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Religious organization to present at CSU-Pueblo


The International Justice Mission, a Christian human rights organization, will host an event at CSU-Pueblo Oct. 20, at 7 p.m., in the Life Science Building’s Auditorium.

IJM will have Libby Swenson, an IJM spokeswoman, and a few of her interns to speak to the campus community about the rising issue of social injustices and its current state of prominence.

Speakers at the event will be presenting in order to promote awareness. Part of their presentation will include personal experiences that they have gone through that enabled them to help victims with these issues, which include slavery, sex trafficking and illegal detention.

The hope is that people attending the event will be moved to play a part in ending these issues, according to Cru, an inter-denominational Christian organization at CSU-Pueblo and a partner organization of IJM.

The mission of IJM is to stop any social injustices. The organization has a four-fold approach, which are victim relief, aftercare for the victims, perpetrator accountability to bring culprits to consequence and structural transformation to prevent further incidents from occurring in these nations

Some campuses IJM has visited eventually started chapters based on the organization at their campuses.

Starting Oct. 17, Cru will be putting on events across campus in order to promote the event until IJM’s presentation

The events throughout the week will consist of informational booths, with opportunities for students to sign a petition to help aid organizations that monitor and combat human trafficking, as well as events that allow students to express the issues they personally see in the world. 

For more information, go to IJM’s website,, or contact Cru by e-mail at