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Résumé Review Day offers students tips, tricks to obtain jobs


CSU-Pueblo students received information about businesses, what to include in résumé’s and how interviews work during Résumé Review Day Feb. 23.

A CSU-Pueblo student receives advice on how to prepare a résumé employers want to see. Photo by Marcus Hill.

This was the fifth year CSU-Pueblo hosted the event but the first time an outside business volunteered to assist. Bechtel was the company that helped with the review day.

Bechtel is a corporation that helps the U.S. government eliminate chemical weapons, according to information found on Representatives from the company seemed eager to help out with this event.

“Bechtel really wanted to help us out with the event. They seemed very enthusiastic and had six reps that were ready to help us out,” said Michelle Gjerde, director of the Career Center at CSU-Pueblo.

Knowing how to complete a résumé is something a student should know before they graduate from college. It can really help in the interview process.

“Any advice to help students land a job after college is always helpful. Helping students to get an interview is always important,” Gjerde said.

Having a solid résumé as well as getting good information from professionals will help get students in a position for an interview, Gjerde said.

“Résumés get interviews, interviews get jobs. They (résumés) are vital because it tells companies a lot. Internships are very big with companies because they help give that person experience and help them know what they want,” said Stephanie Kolach, human resources supervisor at Bechtel.  

Résumés are an important part of Bechtel’s interviewing process. Many students however, do not know many of the essential components that are most important when completing one, Gjerde said.

“Too many students make résumés fit for just one job. You need different ones for different jobs. If you want five different jobs you’ll probably need five different résumés,” Gjerde said.

Kolach also taught students other important things to look out for, Gjerde said. Students were taught what kind of interview questions are typically asked during interviews. Behavior-based question are asked more nowadays in interviews to figure out a potential employee’s response to a real life situation, Kolach said.

“Behavior-based interview questions tell me about experiences you had and how you handled them. They give very good basis to a person’s personality,” Kolach said.

Students also learned what they should include in their résumés to help them out in the interviewing process. Making sure to include as many skills as they can is an important componet to making you them look better, Gjerde said.

“Many students don’t include everything that they should on their résumés. Including things such as work experience, accomplishments and other skills help to prove the value of a student and what they’re capable of,” she said.

Showing those accomplishments and skills are important and something that businesses are looking for. They are always looking for anyone who has multiple skills and experience in various areas, Kolach said.

“Anything like technical skills, job shadowing, computer skills or anything else that prepares a person for the work force is recommended and definitely helps,” Kolach said.

Bechtel looks for various personal traits that won’t be found on a potential employee’s résumé. Someone who has ambition to learn and has a lot of drive is what Bechtel looks for, Kolach said.

“We want someone who is ethical, knowledgeable, loyal and someone who is willing to go the extra mile. Also, giving extra ideas that will help the company is a plus,” Kolach said.