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Spidey swings in to theaters


Spidey swings back into action with a different plot than most are used to. Photo from
Spider-man is back and with a new name, The Amazing Spider-Man.

The story is similar to the first film in the original Spider-Man films, but the differences helped make the film stand out. The comic book-based movies have been in reverse order. The Amazing Spider-Man comic book came out before the other Spider-Man series, but for the movies, now the judgment is up to the viewers.

The movie was star studded with Andrew Garfield from “The Social Network”, and Emma Stone from “Easy A” and “The Help”. The movie was directed by Marc Webb, who also directed “500 Days of Summer” and music videos for artists like Jesse McCartney.

The combination of the cast and the director were put together nicely, as well as, the determination to stick with the story throughout the comic books. The story seemed to make sense and the movie never caused confusion or form unbelievable twists, so consistency was a key feature in this feature presentation.

The film started off explaining the situation for Peter Parker and his abrupt move to his uncle’s house. His urge to find out the truth is what pushes the teenager to run across some old stuff that belonged to his father. The movie gives a brief background story and eventually moves into his transformation to The Amazing Spider-Man.

Of course, a specific audience for this movie would be the comic book readers, as well as teenagers that liked the previous Spider-Man movies.

People were worried that the new movie would cause confusion with the Spider-Man lovers that hadn’t read the comic books, but the movie had many viewers loving the outcome. The 136-minute film was timed perfectly and transitioned well from scene to scene.

The Amazing Spider-Man needed some extra feature that would separate the film, so the writer decided to add a comedic sarcastic touch to the lead and supporting actor. Surprisingly, the movie theater was full of laughter throughout the film. The new direction was a hit with the audience.

Now as far as effects go, the movie hadn’t evolved much since the last Spider-Man films, so the film received a negative check mark for that area. The movie also had parts where the animated Spider-Man moved too fast for your eyes to follow and there was one scene where it was way too busy to stay focused.

The kids will like the film and it is certainly family-friendly. It’s a great movie to see during the day when you have a few hours to go see a movie. The Amazing Spider-Man is highly suggested and guaranteed to be a winner.