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Students watch Packers win in the comfort of their campus home


By John Pantoya

About 30 CSU-Pueblo students took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the biggest game of the NFL season on campus on Sunday, Feb. 6 in the Columbine Café in the Occhiato University Center.

Justin Hergert, director for Culebra Hall, coordinated the Super Bowl party with the help of Chartwell’s Dining Services. Hergert was pleased with the event as a whole, he said, and was grateful for the help he received from Chartwell’s. 

The Super Bowl party had been advertised on campus via fliers on bulletin boards, and was open for all students and faculty members to attend. The party was a safe and comfortable option for those students who did not have transportation but still wanted to enjoy the party atmosphere of the Super Bowl, Hergert said.

One student said he was unaware of the event taking place.

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“I had no clue about it,” said Carol Rubio, a sophomore. “I really don’t pay attention to the bulletin boards.”

Another student saw the advertisements, but could not attend due to other obligations.

“I saw the fliers,” said Curtis Medina, a freshman. “If not for work I would’ve been there.”

Those who attended the event witnessed a close game, as the Green Bay Packers narrowly edged out the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 31-25. 

Tailgate style snacks, such as nachos and hot wings, highlighted the menu.

Sudents watched the game on Columbine Café’s big screen television, Hergert said, and most of them stayed up to the end of the game. Students had mixed opinions on who would win, and most were just hoping for a good game, Hergert said.

However, many still pondered the possibility of not having an NFL season or Super Bowl next year due to the expiration of NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement Friday, March 4, making next year’s Super Bowl not guaranteed.

Despite this, Hergert said he hopes to continue having Super Bowl parties at the Columbine Cafe in the future. 

“It went very, very well,” Hergert said. “I’m really appreciative of Chartwell’s cooperation.”