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Things lost can be found at Auxiliary Services


Kelli Kavinsky

Things lost on campus can sometimes be found, and Auxiliary Services in the Occhiato University Center tries to make that a bit easier for students.

 Though every building has their own lost and found, Auxiliary Services is the central lost and found for the campus, and they don’t shirk their duties.

“For the most part we get every day lost items: keys, student ids, sunglasses and glasses,” said Shayna Sherod, a sophomore psychology major who works at the information desk. “But the best things turned in are the ones that nobody ever really thinks about.”

Items that have been turned into the lost and found will be donated if they are not retrieved by their respective owners. Photo by Kelli Kavinsky.

The unanimous vote for an item nobody really thinks of turning in, and the one that would be thought of as weird and gross, was a retainer. “The retainer story is the weirdest. It wasn’t the retainer being turned in that was weird, it was the student who came to pick it up and how he did it that was,” said Shawna Cunningham, the scheduling coordinator in the OUC.

“A student came in looking for a retainer and we had one that was turned in, but he wasn’t sure if it was his. So what does the kid do, he pops it right into his mouth,” said Brett Robinson, assistant to the director of Auxiliary Services and Technical Support. “It was the weirdest thing that I’ve seen. The retainer ended up fitting the kid and being his, but it was still just an interesting experience.”

Sherod said she felt glad she did not see the student who found his retainer. “We get enough weird things happening as it is, I didn’t want to have to witness that on top of everything,” She said.

Lost and found isn’t just for the weird and gross. “Some of the more expensive things we have had turned in are laptops, credit cards and usually a lot of cell phones,” said Brent Lorenz, a senior majoring in criminology.  The usual assortments of clothes are turned in, as well. Sherod said she saw a multi colored tiara, “It was just weird to me because who wears that around? You’re in college,” she said.

For those items that nobody picks up after every semester, Auxiliary Services donates them. “We donate all the items we can. The USB drives for computers, we send those overseas to the men and women who are serving,” Cunningham said.

So for students, who are looking for a lost item, make sure you stop by Auxiliary Services, and for students who have found something, do the same because you never know just how interesting that lost item could be in the end.