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Zombies walk at the Pueblo Riverwalk


Zombies prepare to Terrorize the Pueblo Riverwalk. Photo from
On June 23, hundreds of individuals ranging in all ages showed up at the Pueblo Riverwalk dressed as zombies pretending to attack those who were not.

The Zombie Walk of Pueblo, as the Facebook page refers to it, is once a year and organized by means of social media. People were communicating to each other through Facebook especially in an attempt to reach approximately two-thousand people as the goal.

Prior to the actual event, fans on Facebook would talk about different zombie-like stories or shows. “The Walking Dead,” is a popular drama on AMC that shows an end of the world, zombie-like attack on humanity. Many people of all ages mentioned this show on the Riverwalk’s Facebook page and made mention of being excited for the third season coming out this October.

People came to the event ready to terrorize and strike fear into innocent individuals. People who did not know about the event became immediately curious, especially witnessing everyone from the boat rides. However, not all people came dressed as zombies. Some chose the route of the survivor where they came equipped with toy Nerf guns and water guns as well.

The participants who were not acting as zombies would write a large “X” on their back to signify their humanity, while the zombies served the purpose of trying to convert them. Though horrific sounding, these events were playful and fun for all of the individuals that involved themselves in this event.

Though there were no actual attacks at the event, the recent attack of the homeless man by what people were referring to as the “zombie-man” may have hyped up this event.

“I think there are way more people here this year because of what happened to that homeless man from that zombie-like attack,” said event-attendee, Cody Eschenbaum, 22.

The gruesome attack sparked national coverage and was prevalent on the Facebook page for this event with hundreds of people commenting on what they would do during a zombie-like apocalypse.

“My friend and I came last year to the event as zombies but this year wanted to be survivors and had more fun than last year,” said, Isaiah Morgan, 17.

Shows like “The Walking Dead” and video games such as “Resident Evil” have popularized the zombie culture and are clearly prevalent in today’s society. The turnout was exceptionally well this year and left people wondering just how bizarre a zombie apocalypse would actually be. Most adults showed tolerance towards the event and saw the humor behind this hypothetical event.

“Working down here and seeing the people dressed up like zombies actually frightened some of our boat passengers, mainly small children,” said Sean MacIndoe, Boat Operations Manager. He claims that the event does draw in customers even though it is not a Riverwalk sponsored event.

The event is done annually at the Pueblo Riverwalk and in other places throughout the entire country. It has stayed popular and has continued to grow more each year by means of social media, particularly Facebook.
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