Priscilla Renea is the “apple” of new summer music


If it gets tiring listening to the same artists over and over, here’s something to add to a summer soundtrack.

Priscilla Renea, a driven singer/songwriter since she was little, has captured hearts with her own take on pop and soul. Renea sounds like Rihanna who decided to take up playing the guitar as she sings about falling in and out of love.

The 20-year-old already has fans paying tribute to her on YouTube, where her account now has over 50 fan covers of her single, “Hello My Apple.”

Renea’s album, “Hello My Apple,” won’t be out until late this summer, but an early release record featuring, “Hello My Apple”, “Cry” and “I Fell In Love” was released on March 31.  

Her songs are perfect for being in a summer romance, or just dreaming about being in one.

With its upbeat tempo which still has a calming effect thanks to the great acoustic guitar playing, uniquely arranged with whistling, the song “Hello My Apple” is great for swinging on a hammock with a significant other.

Having fun hanging out with a summer love?

Play “I Fell In Love”. It’s a mood-making song with a fun pop beat which makes it easy to enjoy a sunny day with the person you’re with, even if the day’s activities consist of sitting on the couch and hanging out.

Of course, as summer winds down, the romances do too. Sad the love has to go back home?

Play “Cry”. The songs soothing guitar playing with the sound effects of a thunderstorm, acts like a sound machine by calming you, getting you out of the funk you’re in and ready to look for a new love.

Renea has great following, thanks to the fans she already has on YouTube. This outlet for artists has already gotten artists like Taylor Swift the start they need, now it is Renea’s turn.

Renea’s EP, “Help My Apple” is available now, and look out for her debut record, “Jukebox” this summer.