2010 ASG election campaigns begin


The 2010 Associated Students’ Government election campaigns kick off today, March 15.

Write-in packets are available at Student Life in the Occhiato University Center Suite 003.

The online polls open Monday, April 5, at 8 a.m. and close Wednesday, April 7, at 4 p.m. The winning candidate’s names will be posted Thursday, April 8.

For more information call 719-549-2586.

Below is a list of the eligible candidates for the upcoming Associated Students’ Government elections.

President and Vice President for Finance & Administration (vote for one ticket)
Thomas “Tommy” Farrell & Kayleen St. Louis (Revamp Party)
Steven Titus & Richard Cahill (LIVEGREEN Party)

Vice President for Legislative Affairs (vote for one)
Vanessa Rodriguez (Revamp Party)
Miashia Dixon (LIVEGREEN Party)

Fourteen (14) Senators

Senator At-Large, who shall serve as Pro Tem of the Senate (vote for one)
Sarah Bennett
Sheneé Taylor (Revamp Party)

Senator representing the College of Education, Engineering and Professional Studies (vote for two)
Koby Wittek (LIVEGREEN Party)

Senator representing the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (vote for two)
Jazmine Wells (Revamp Party)
Lindsay Reeves (LIVEGREEN Party)

Senator representing the College of Science and Mathematics (vote for two)
Anthony Montoya (Revamp Party)
Audrey Duran (LIVEGREEN Party)
Talisha Bell (LIVEGREEN Party)

Senator representing the Hasan School of Business (vote for two)
Holly Litchfield (LIVEGREEN Party)
Kyle LaMar (LIVEGREEN Party)

Senator of Residence Life (vote for one)
Amber Willems (Revamp Party)
James Vicars (LIVEGREEN Party)

Senator of Student Empowerment (vote for one)
Daisy Mendoza (Revamp Party)
Britney Titus (LIVEGREEN Party)

Senator of Recreational Affairs (vote for one)
Garrett Martin Proctor (Revamp Party)

Senator of Student Activities (vote for one)
Gerson Lopez (LIVEGREEN Party)
Alicia Beaver (Revamp Party)

Senator of Clubs and Organizations Funding Policies and Procedures (vote for one)
Edwin Watson (Revamp Party)
Ryan Encinias (LIVEGREEN Party)