2015 study abroad travels announced

The English department's study abroad plans include France, Italy, Turkey and Greece. Photo courtesy of morguefile.com.
The English department’s study abroad plans include France, Italy, Turkey and Greece. Photo courtesy of morguefile.com.

The English department’s 2015 study abroad opportunity has been announced. This year, students will travel to Italy, France, Greece and Turkey in a two-week expedition overseas.

Led by CSU-Pueblo English professor Donna Souder, the opportunity allows students to see ancient landmarks, while delving into rigorous coursework and earning up to 14 credit hours. This will be the seventh year that Souder has led the educational excursions.

“To learn about places is one thing, but to actually see them and be there is a whole new way of learning,” Souder said.

Souder has chosen to bring students to the French Riviera, northern and central Italy, Greece and Turkey for a unique learning experience. “It is like a really cool two-week field trip, where you can see major landmarks,” Souder said.

Each year, up to 25 students have the opportunity to enroll in the trip. They must have previously been a student of Souder’s, and are expected to uphold good academic and behavioral standing, abiding by university policies and expectations.

One week prior to leaving, students are required to participate in five class periods. The curriculum is based on that of a one-room school house. Students at all levels work together to share ideas, thoughts and information while they prepare for departure.

Each student is expected to read the prescribed materials and participate in group writing and special projects. For the days leading up to the trip, students read excerpts from ancient texts and discuss the importance of the works in literature and various societies.

After the first week of class, students depart to spend the next two weeks exploring the places they have discussed.

“Seeing the places students read about and being able to write down their thoughts and experiences while actually abroad is a very unique learning opportunity,” Souder said.

While abroad, students are also given opportunities to explore the cities in small groups. Various scavenger hunts and special assignments are given to allow students to explore in their own ways and become acquainted with the areas.

Upon returning to America, students are expected to report to class for another five-day session beginning the following Monday. During this time, students prepare for a symposium, which allows them to collaborate will fellow travelers to prepare photographs, writings, presentation boards and stories. In June, the work is presented at the symposium, which is open to the public.

The trip will begin in Italy and conclude in Greece and Turkey. More information will be given at a series of informational meetings over the next few months. Students should see Souder for further information.