20/20 Lecture Series back at CSU-Pueblo


The 20/20 Lecture Series will continue next Monday, Feb. 20, in the Occhiato University Center Aspen Leaf Room. The presenters will be professor of psychology Marc Pratarelli and mass communications professor Samuel Ebersole.  

The theme for this round of lectures is “Social Responsibility and CSU-P Going Green?”

Pratarelli will be covering the recent movement and public demand of going green and creating an ecological environment for future local and global societies. He will also be focusing on what Colorado four-year colleges and universities are currently doing and what programs they have introduced to their campus pertaining to this eco-friendly trend.

“I’ll talk briefly about the student demand in all disciplines to be prepared to work in new industries and deal with new political and social issues related to becoming economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable,” he said.

Pratarelli will also be comparing CSU-Pueblo to the other state institutions, discussing how past leadership has negatively affected the campus and what the current faculty are doing to fix it.

“I’ll show that spending money on football fields and nifty exercise equipment gives all but a small handful of students an inferior education that puts them at a disadvantage in an increasingly competitive modern workplace,” Pratarelli said.

Ebersole will also be presenting some of his personal techniques on how to introduce social responsibility themes into some of the courses he teaches.

“I’m going to speak about the role that one’s worldview (political and religious beliefs) plays in the process of defining and addressing socially responsible themes,” Ebersole said.

The presentations start at noon and last about an hour. Free food and drinks will also be available for all who attend.