Veteran’s Day memorial at CSU-Pueblo pay homage to service members

A wreath placed on the flag pole and flowers laid in front were part of the Veteran's Day memorial on Nov. 11.  photo by DaMarkus James
A wreath placed on the flag pole and flowers laid in front were part of the Veteran's Day memorial on Nov. 11. photo by DaMarkus James

Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Veterans Day ceremony honored the men and women who serve or have served in the U.S. military.

The ceremony was an event that symbolized a day of remembrance, where some the students, faculty and staff members spent time to appreciate veterans and civilians and what they do for the U.S.

The ceremony was on Wednesday at 11 a.m., outside of the Occhiato University Center near the flag poles.

Steve Titus, student and associated student government president, started with a short introductory speech about the importance of the holiday and thanked the people in the audience for attending.

Titus spoke about the significance of the men and women on active duty. He also said how people should take the time to appreciate them when they are at war.

Some people who attended chose to wear a yellow ribbon pinned on their shirts. The ribbons represented their support for the men and women in the armed services.

CSU-Pueblo student Vanessa Rodriguez sang the national anthem.

Kevin Walda, assistant director of Veterans Upward Bound read “A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America,” a speech written by President Barack Obama and released from the White House about Veterans Day and the men and women who are enlisted or have served in the service and fought in battles for U.S.

An excerpt from the speech said, “Our grateful Nation must keep our solemn promises to these brave men and women and their families. They have given their unwavering devotion to the American people, and we must keep our covenant with them.”

“It might focus in transition back to college campuses,” Walda said. He said there have been ceremonies for Veterans Day in the past and they are gaining recognition.

Walda said that it would be good if the student body recognized veterans on campus and it would create a culture here (CSU-Pueblo) that’s accepting of veterans.

Walda said the university has organized Veterans Day ceremonies in the past and wanted students to attend them. He said students should attend because it is an important day to remember soldiers and be grateful for what they do. Walda said that the people who attended may become patriotic.

President Garcia spoke momentarily about Veterans Day and said people of our country should appreciate what soldiers and veterans do for the U.S. He placed a wreath decorated with red, white and blue flowers onto a cement block under the U.S. flag. There was a moment of silence followed by the playing of “Taps,” which concluded the ceremony.

Walda said that he keeps the soldiers and veterans in his thoughts. He said it is a matter of gratitude and their “selfless act of service” is something people may think of because of servicemen and women are brave for defending the U.S.