A jump in parking rates


As the new academic year starts this year, so will new parking rates. Parking rates are expected to increase starting Sept. 1, 2013. The increase will bring in additional revenue from these new adjustments, which will allow Colorado State University-Pueblo to meet transportation and current parking needs, and will also allow for the safe and efficient flow of traffic.

The new parking rates will affect not only students but also faculty and staff. Faculty and staff regular parking will increase from $10 a month to $12 a month. Reserved parking will also increase from $25 a month to $30 a month.

Part-time Faculty (adjunct) & Staff parking will increase from $4.90 up to $5 by the year 2014. Full-time Faculty & Staff Green Vehicle Discount will increase up to $9.60 by 2014. Green Vehicle Decal Discount will also go up from $60 to $80 by 2014.

As for students, Student Permanent Decal will continue at $75 for the 2013 fall semester but will be discontinued afterwards. Students may purchase a Student Hanging Decal for $100, which will remain the same through next year. High School Student parking will increase by $2 reaching up to $8.33 by spring semester.

Student Motorcycle Decal will have a $3 increase from $37 to $40.

With all of these new adjustments, residents seem to have the biggest jump in parking rates. A Resident Decal will increase by $55 from $45 to $100 starting 2014 and it just gets higher from there. Walking Stick Resident Decal will continue to be free for fall 2013 but will jump up to $100 for spring 2014 and residents aren’t too happy with this jump.

“This is crap, I’ve lived here for three years and soon I have to pay for parking, a hundred dollars, which could go towards rent,” said a senior at CSU-Pueblo currently living in the Walking Stick Apartments.

So as you’re getting ready for the 2013-14 academic year, make sure you’re getting your wallets ready as well, as some will get hit harder than others when the new parking rates take effect.

Visit the Parking Operations Office in the Administration Bldg, Room 118 to purchase or return your permits.