A New Face in the Mass Comm Department


At the end of the spring semester, the mass communications department began their search to fill the position left by Trish Orman. By the beginning of the fall semester the department hired Lauren Brengarth.

“It was a great opportunity for me. It is a growing campus with good colleagues and is the perfect fit,” said Brengarth.       

 Brengarth is teaching courses which specialize in integrated communications, advertising and public relations.

Lauren Brengarth in her new office in the Buell Communications Center. Photo by Jeff Lown

Teaching was something that came natural to her, she said. “I love my job. You are always with students and it is great to educate younger minds,” she said. “I am very passionate about teaching and I think it’s great to help students like the subjects.”

 Brengarth was born and raised in Huron, Ohio. After completing high school, she decided to attend the University of Missouri, in Columbia, Mo., where she received her bachelor’s degree in television news.

She received her master’s degree in media management and she is currently working on completing her doctorate in issues of public affairs, which she plans to finish in December.

Like some other professors on campus, Brengarth does not reside in Pueblo, Colo. Every day, she makes the commute back and forth from Colorado Springs, Colo.

With a new job and new location, Brengarth said, “I am very fortunate, and I look forward to my future.”