Accounting teacher enjoys nature’s equations


Geri Wink, an accounting professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo, is not your typical accounting teacher type.

After being born and raised in Buffalo, Texas, Wink married and had two sons. One of her sons is 26 years old and is a lawyer in New York. The other son is 24 years old and is a Corrosion Technologist at the East Texas Oil Field.

Wink decided to move out of state to Colorado to broaden her horizons. “My two sons and I always came to Colorado on vacation for the past 20 years, so when I saw a job opportunity here I was ready for a fresh start,” Wink said.

Wink is atypical because she participates in so many different extracurricular activities outside of school and in the Pueblo community.

“I love living in Pueblo because it is so beautiful and there are so many outdoor activities to participate in,” Wink said. “I live so close to work now that I could walk and I actually do walk to work sometimes.”

Kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, biking, and attending the gym are just a few things Wink does with her free time.

Wink is also the Secretary of Pueblo Paddler’s, which is a local kayaking club and she is the President of the Southeast Chapter of Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Wink came to CSU-Pueblo in the fall of 2004, specifically to teach wink.jpgaccounting.

“I still remember my high school teacher Mr. Beverly Rhyne telling me that I needed to go to college, get an accounting degree and become a Certified Public Accountant, so that is exactly what I did,” Wink said

Wink decided to take up teaching because it provides flexibility and an even balance between work and play.

“I am really glad I decided to teach accounting because it is a challenge, it never stays the same and there is always something new to learn,” Wink said with a twinkle in her eye.

The only thing Wink doesn’t care for is whiny students and committee work.

“I think every good accounting teacher needs to possess patience, intelligence and compassion. They also need to be able to multi-task efficiently and effectively and have good communication skills, written and orally,” Wink said.

Wink enjoys working at CSU-Pueblo because of all the interaction with students. “I love teaching foreign students as well because I get to learn so much about their different cultures,” Wink said.

“I am so glad I decided to move to Pueblo to teach. I feel that the CSU-Pueblo accounting program has a great future. I think it will continue to grow and students will continue to get excellent career opportunities from here,” Wink said.

Wink plans to continue kayaking and enjoying the great outdoors because it has become a large part of her lifestyle here in Pueblo.