ASG cabinet positions to be filled soon


The Associated Students’ Government announced in an e-mail to the entire campus on May 10, the following open cabinet positions: director of academic affairs, director of internal affairs, director of Technology, director of finance and director of sustainability.

Photo courtesy of the CSU-Pueblo website.

Applications for these positions were to be turned in by May 21. While he didn’t have an exact number of applications received, Steve Titus, the current ASG president, stated he believed the amount received was a good response.

The process of selecting people for the positions has already begun and interviews should begin next week, Titus said. He also said the positions would most likely be finalized as of next week, as well.

He also said the people on the hiring committee would not just be looking to fill the positions, but they are searching for people who fit the job description and are best qualified for the positions. As ASG president, Titus will be choosing the hiring committee personally.

If none of the applicants are accepted, the position will remain unfilled until new applications are considered, Titus said.

If any positions are still available after the committee’s decisions, Titus said they would most likely leave the unfilled positions open for the summer and look for potential candidates in the fall semester.

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