ASG discusses on-campus changes


Various campus issues have been discussed in recent ASG meetings.

Campus Life Sen. Larissa Swope brought forth Jack Krider and the homecoming court to thank them for their efforts during Homecoming. The court and other Senators who helped with homecoming were given gifts.

Student Reform Sen. Shannon Bevans updated the group on her committee meeting to discuss handicap stickers for on-campus vehicles. The committee also talked about how the uneven sidewalk was difficult for a wheelchair to maneuver around, and how the doors leading into the Psychology Building are too narrow for a wheelchair to fit through.

President David Fresquez re-introduced the issue of students wanting to be paid twice a month instead of once, which brought up by Senator Karki in a previous meeting. There was a proposal written up and the results will be released on Friday. Fresquez also said  if it’s not approved, they will try their best to get it done.

Fresquez also spoke to Colorado State University-Pueblo President Garcia about getting more Hispanic students to attend the university, and there will be a committee set up to address this issue.

Sen. Justin Menu said the Greek Council came together to fix Greek Hill. They will also be having a canned food drive off campus Nov. 1. Last year’s food drive brought in 16,000 pounds of food. This year’s goal is 50,000 pounds.

Jenna Rossow said she needed volunteers to help with her community service project at a nursing home. Senators will only be needed for an hour or two to help the residents with their arts and crafts projects. The times and dates for this event are tentative.