ASG update

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Plans for the new classroom building, an update on student workers’ biweekly pay and the Associated Students’ Government safety walk were highlighted at the CSU-Pueblo ASG meeting, held on Oct. 17. File photo

Christine Wiabel

Plans for the new classroom building, an update on student workers’ biweekly pay and the Associated Students’ Government safety walk were highlighted at the CSU-Pueblo ASG meeting, held on Oct. 17.

Director of planning and construction, John Barnosky, spoke about the plans for the new classroom building, scheduled for completion in fall 2015.  The new building will be located in what is currently a grassy area behind the chemistry building and will be three floors tall with approximately 45,000 square feet.

Barnosky stressed that a major priority regarding the new facility is to relieve the overcrowded classrooms in other areas of campus.  The new building will house mid to large occupancy rooms with stadium seating and have new audio-visual and wireless equipment.

An architectural firm was hired and will be in the Library and Academic Resource Center on Oct. 21 to hear students’ suggestions about classroom space, seating and other specifics that will be decided later in the process.  There is already a plan in place for the number and size of the rooms.

It was proposed that the ASG choose a student representative to attend the design committee meetings and keep the group informed of progress and major decisions.

President Vanessa Emerson said there is a conference in Denver next week hosted by the CSU Fort Collins ASG. Colleges will be represented from various parts of the United States. They will discuss many topics including higher education costs and bills about higher education that are currently before Congress.  It is open to all ASG members.

Vice President Michael Weiner gave an update on the biweekly pay for student workers.  He said students will be encouraged to sign up for direct deposit, which will make the biweekly process easier to implement as fewer checks will need to be cut.

Another change in the payment process will be the mailing of checks to employees because some people have not been picking up their checks.  The goal is to have biweekly pay up and running by next fall.

Weiner brought up the lack of a housing committee and volunteered to work on forming one to deal with the specific issues surrounding residence halls.

Interviews for the new dean of student life are progressing.  There are six Skype interviews Friday, and the final candidates will make a campus visit within a couple of weeks.

The Facility Fee Committee will be launching a survey for students to give input on the use of their facility fees.  Some suggestions that have been made included a clock tower, lights for the fountain, recreation fields, concrete furniture by the dorms and security cameras in the parking lots.  A date for the survey has not yet been set.

Jordan Boehme, director of public relations for the ASG, suggested starting a Facebook page for students to direct campus complaints that she can filter and address at meetings.

Boehme and the external affairs committee met with Chartwells Dining Services to go over student meal plans and issues with unused meals.  At this time, students are not allowed to share meals on their plans, and there is a question about where the money goes for unused meals.

Increasing student seats for football games was another issue that was discussed.  In order to publicize sporting events and make student athletes more recognizable on campus, suggestions were made to arrange a pep band to play at basketball games and a meet-and-greet between students and campus athletes.

A haunted house will be held on Oct. 25-26 from 7 p.m. to midnight in the Arts and Music building.  There will be face painting, a costume contest and other activities.

Senator Anthony Herrera attended the Dean’s Advisory Counsel for the Hasan School of Business and said there will be training for mentors who will work with new students to help them with their academics and adjustment to college.

Senators Herrera and Antonio Reyes also attended the Student Recreation Center Committee meeting where the acquisition of new equipment such as benches, squat racks and ellipticals was proposed. Another popular idea was a lounge area where protein shakes and other healthy items would be available for purchase after working out.

Jenae French and Zoe Svedarsky were sworn in as new ASG senators.  Both are freshmen this year and look forward to becoming more involved with ASG and the rest of the campus.

Jibrail Dibble, whose term expired, was reconfirmed as a justice.

The next meeting of the CSU-Pueblo ASG will be Oct. 24 at 4 p.m. in Room 201 of the OUC.   Attendance is open to all students and staff.