Beer Review: Landshark Lager


landsharklager.jpgHey everyone, and welcome back to the CSU-Pueblo Today weekly beer review. My name is Eric, I drink beer, and it was a nice to have a little break for the summer.

School is back! The fall semester has officially begun and students are dragging their way back to class, all squinty eyed in the morning sun, to pursue their higher education. Some are excited to see what the new semester has in store for them, some are nervous about attending college for the first time, and some, like me, are glad that the whole mess is almost over and graduation is just around the corner.

Not that I won’t miss college. I have a lot of fond memories of this campus, and looking at these halls for the last time is bittersweet. The time has come for a change, however, and I’m ready for it.

One constant still remains in my life, and that is my love of beer. Even though my job at the liquor store has come to an end, I’ll still be here to give you my opinions on what brews to drink. Yes, I’m that dedicated!

But enough rambling, this week’s beer review is brought to you by Jimmy Buffets very own line of Margaritaville liquors, Landshark Lager, and though it may not be a top ten hit, it’s certainly got broad appeal.

When poured into your pint glass, Landshark Lager is golden corn yellow with a bubbly white head. It’s fairly translucent and appetizing to the eye.

To the nose, it has a sweet, corn bread scent mixed in with a subtle hop kick.

Taste wise…well, it tastes like nothing! Picture a Corona without the sour aftertaste. The slightest hint of beer graces the tongue, but when I tried to pinpoint a flavor, it disappeared on me. It’s disappointing to me, being the beer snob that I am, but if you’re not into heavy beers, it’s perfect for quenching that “of age” thirst.

I’d compare Landshark to Corona or Sol. It’s brewed in the U.S., but it has that certain cerveza flavor going for it that’s perfect for sunny days, barbecues, and being a bum on the beach. Though not the tastiest beer in the world, it goes down smooth, and although its $7.99 a six-pack, it’s well worth a try.

Landshark Lager gets a 3 out of 5.