Beer Review: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat


sama-cw.gifHey everyone, welcome back to the CSU-Pueblo weekly beer review. My name’s Eric and I drink beer…but then again, don’t we all?

The 4th of July has come and gone, leaving the streets of Pueblo filthy with the stank litter of fireworks and the hearts of the citizens just a little bit happier. There’s just something about bright lights and explosions that leave people in awe, especially if they get to light the fuse.

I was fortunate to participate this year. Beer and Black Cats go hand-in-hand, so the chances of having me work at the liquor store were pretty high. Since the fourth was on a Friday this year, one of my usually scheduled days off, I was graciously given the morning shift, leaving my night free and clear for celebrating.

And celebrate I did. My girlfriend’s aunt tossed a BBQ for the family, and there was food, mischief, laughs, and three kinds of beer; Bud Light Lime, Fat Tire, and Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat.

As the night progressed, and as people began falling asleep in the dirt, I found myself favoring the Cherry Wheat by Samuel Adams. It was a sweet little beer to have for dessert after a long night of hamburgers and bratwursts. So, naturally, I chose it for this weeks beer review.

Cherry Wheat, when poured into glass, has a brownish color tinted subtly with red, almost so subtle that if you didn’t know it was cherry, you might not see it.

A strong cherry aroma is present, however, when you sniff a fresh bottle. Not as strong as cherry cough syrup, but pretty close, so if you have bad memories of the stuff, this might be a negative factor. I personally found it appealing.

And it tastes, you guessed it, like cherries, and in a good way at that. This isn’t your mom’s wine cooler. There’s plenty of hops and wheat to be enjoyed mixed in with all that cherry goodness, leaving a nicely balanced, tasty beer for those occasions when something a little sweet is in order.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is a new favorite of mine. Its great after big meals, the ladies love it, and at $7.99 a six pack, it’s an affordable treat for any special occasion, especially those that may cause fire damage.

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat gets a 4 out of 5.